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Italy is known all over the world for its lifestyle brands in fashion, furniture, and food. Yet, it is less known that the global standing of Italian brands and of Made in Italy is made possible by the distinct manufacturing, technological, and innovative prowess of Italian companies. In fact, with 180 billion Euros exports of capital goods in 2021, Italy is the second largest manufacturing country in Europe, and the fifth globally. The story of Italian manufacturing and Made in or by Italy features a very special connection between heritage, tradition, innovation, creativity, style, and sustainability. It is this very connection that is presented in this exhibition.


More than 650 Italian companies have invested in India, with an investment stock of more than 16 billion US$ since 2014. They give employment to more than 50,000 people, in almost 400 manufacturing plants set-up across India, and bring in cutting-edge technologies and know-how, with a special focus on innovation and sustainability.  


Make in India with Italy intends to showcase such prowess, with a selection of bright examples of Italian manufacturing in India in various sectors of strategic relevance for both countries: machinery, automotive and auto-components, engineering, infrastructure, building, construction, conventional and renewable energy, agricultural machinery and farm implements, food processing and food packaging.

Automotive &
Auto Components

Italy is home to some legendary brands in the automotive industry, which have marked the history of this sector and whose global reputation is due to cutting-edge technology, unmatched design, sheer precision and performance.


The success of such brands is also due to the presence of a complex and sophisticated supply chain, wherein auto-components manufacturers of engines, transmission, steering and suspension systems, axles, wheels, tires, and brakes provide crucial support in product development and quality. With an annual turnover of 93 billion Euros and almost 6000 companies in the whole value chain, the Italian auto industry is a major economic driver and employs a quarter-of-a-million professionals.


Today, there are almost 90 Italian companies that have invested in India, mainly in the manufacturing hubs of Pune, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Noida, and Chennai, to produce vehicles and components.

Car Engine

Machinery & Manufacturing

At the heart of any product made using industrial, automated or robotized processes, there are machineries and technologies that transform matter, wood, metal, plastic, stone, leather, and textiles into something new. 


Italy has a widespread reputation internationally for the quality of its machinery, components, and robots. Machinery is Italy’s top export industry, accounting for a sizeable 18% of the Country’s international trade and making it the fifth largest machinery exporter in the world and the second in Europe. There are 5,000 Italian companies specialised in the manufacturing of mechanical instruments and components, generating 80 billion Euros world-wide. Italy is also a global powerhouse in the robotics industry, with professionals equipped with a razor-sharp precision fundamental to mechatronics and industrial components. 


Italian small and medium enterprises are global leaders in these segments and play a crucial role in the global supply chain for related components. In India there are almost 200 Italian companies, mainly concentrated in the industrial hubs in Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, that share their expertise and know-how in the machine tools, industrial equipment, and automation sector. 


Infrastructure & Energy

Italy is one of the world’s most energy-efficient countries and has specialised itself in fields such as territorial planning, architecture, and urban planning, among others. Italy generates more than a third of its electricity from renewable sources and has surpassed a European Union goal to recycle 65% of urban waste by 2025. The Made in Italy brand is supported by a green economy, with 345,000 Italian companies embracing low carbon production. 

Italian engineering is an industry that is held in high esteem internationally, and with 1,000 current construction sites in almost 100 countries, it is one of the top three nations in the world for the number of firms and projects abroad.


There is a growing number of Italian companies that have established their presence in India. From engineering firms developing industrial projects for the Indian power industry or to support India’s need to increase the share of renewable energy produced, to manufacturers introducing latest technologies and automated systems in the building and construction sector, Italy is playing a pivotal role in supporting India’s energy transition.


Agri & Food Technologies

Italian food is known all over the world, and it has become a staple item in many countries’ diet. Italian dry and filled pasta, sauces, dairy products, cured meats, sweets and confectionery, beverage and wine brands are a stable presence on the shelves of global organized and non-organized retail. 

The high quality of Italian food and beverage is recognised in its 581 products with PDO – Protected Denomination of Origin, the highest worldwide. 


This industry is supported by a vibrant ecosystem for both agricultural & farm machinery and food processing & packaging technology, making Italy the world leader: 90% of food technology machineries are exported every year, and Italian manufacturers produce the largest variety of farm equipment in the world, whilst the production of tractors, farm and garden equipment and components has reached 14 billion Euros in 2021. 


India has become a strategic market for many Italian champions of the agro and food industry: manufacturers of food products, tractors and farm implements as well as cold chain, food packaging and food processing technology suppliers have set-up a stable presence in the Indian market, mainly concentrated in the industrial areas of Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.​

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