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Maschio Gaspardo India Pvt. Ltd.

Agri & Food Technologies


MASCHIO GASPARDO Group is a leading international Group in the production of equipment for tillage, seeding & planting, fertilisation, crop protection, green maintenance and haymaking. Founded in 1964 by Egidio Maschio in Morsano al Tagliamento, a small town in Friuli Venezia Giulia, MASCHIO GASPARDO is now managed by his sons Mirco and Andrea together with a managerial organisation.

Diversified production in strategic areas allows us to meet customers' needs by offering a product in line with the demands of heterogeneous agricultural markets. Certifications with international validity guarantee high quality standards, continuity of supply, energy saving and a low environmental impact.

Innovation is in MASCHIO GASPARDO's DNA. Their engineers are constantly searching for solutions to optimise our equipment performance. Field and indoor tests, our customers' feedback and the strict control of the processes are the way to meet market needs.

The use of electronics in agricultural machinery is now irreplaceable and functions such as traceability, blockchain, data collection and Agriculture 4.0 are now an integral part of a reality that is growing and assuming an increasingly important role. MASCHIO GASPARDO has fully accepted this challenge also through its ISOTRONIC equipment that uses the ISOBUS communication protocol, whereby it is possible to guarantee the overall efficiency of the production system and the application of the Precision Farming criteria.

The Indian plant in Ranjangaon, Pune was inaugurated in 2011. The production is mainly rotary tillers, with a capacity of over 30.000 units per year distributed through the commercial department that mainly works in the local market.

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