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Magnetic FAAC India

Machinery & Manufacturing


A global group dedicated to international growth, we constantly pursue effective and balanced expansion strategies on both internal and external lines.  We ensure high levels of financial soundness and carry out significant research activities and investments with the goal of being a benchmark in setting new industry technology standards. We create positive synergies between different brands, skills, and specialisations to bring more value to our businesses and develop a comprehensive offering at the highest levels of quality.

AREAS of ACTIVITY: Thanks to 53 legal entities and 15 commercial brands, our product offerings share the most sophisticated mechanical, electronic, and digital technologies.

01 Access Automation

02 Access Control

03 Parking Solutions


Our group is present in 29 countries worldwide. We interpret different market cultures to accommodate every need in the field of automation, access control, and mobility services.


We take care of our people and the communities in which they live, interpreting the cultures of different countries and respecting rights, dignity, and diversity.

OUR COMMITMENT to the ENVIRONMENT We develop research, innovation, and organization continuously to reduce the impact of our production and distribution activities on the environment.

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