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Enel Green Power India

Engineering & Energy

Delhi and Bengaluru

The Enel Group operates in 30 countries across five continents, bringing energy to people through the adoption of new sustainability oriented technologies.

Enel operates and manages 56 GW of renewable energy capacity across the planet, making us the world’s largest renewable energy company. In addition, it manages 2.3 million kilometres of network with more than 45 million smart meters, serving 75 million end users.

Enel X Global Retail, the business line aimed at enabling the energy transition through digital solutions and system flexibility, and Enel X Way, offering e-Mobility solutions, are also present in India.

Furthermore, Enel Grids, aimed at guaranteeing reliability in the supply of energy and quality of service to communities through resilient and flexible networks, is keen to integrate its position in India in the power distribution segment. Through our subsidiary, Gridspertise, which specialises in grid digitalization, the company aims to participate in the replacement plan for the 250 million traditional metres with smart ones.;

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