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Dellorto India Pvt. Ltd.

Automotive & Autocomponents


DELLORTO was founded in 1933 in Seregno, and then moved to Cabiate, where the core of its production activity is currently located. It began manufacturing carburetors for motorcycles, expanding its production over the years with injection systems, throttle bodies and electronic control units, up to the recent electrification projects.

DELLORTO faces every day with its history of commitment and total dedication to its targets. These values, combined with high levels of professionalism and expertise, led the company to establish itself in the world of two and four wheels. Success and experience – gained thanks to an uninterrupted effort in research, production and distribution of automotive fuel systems – have allowed it to expand its industrial boundaries globally. First in India, in 2006, with the production of throttle bodies and partnerships with leading local manufacturers, and later in China, where with the opening of a technical and commercial centre in 2011, it has become already a leader in electronic carburetion systems for mopeds and small displacement motorcycles.

A constant evolution that today makes it a modern and totally integrated company at the production level, which makes technological research its point of strength. A winning DNA made of passion, innovation and motorsport, qualities that have allowed DELLORTO to establish itself on both national and international markets.

The most advanced technological knowledge is another DELLORTO trade mark; just think about its tight bond with Industry 4.0, the industrial technological integration project aimed at modernising working practices. In the last few years the company has evolved towards sustainable mobility, as highlighted by the latest partnerships. In 2019, the development for the realisation and commercialization of a new Power Unit intended for small and medium-sized electric motorcycles. Then in 2020, in collaboration with Energica, Octo Telematics and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the CEMP project, a connected electric propulsion system for small vehicles, saw the light.

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