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BG Fastening & Engineering Industries

Machinery & Manufacturing

Aurangabad (Chittegaon)

Fontana Gruppo is the world leader in the fasteners sector.

This resulting from a path of excellence that benefits from strong values and principles of integrity that constantly interact and combine with a long-term vision and a great passion for building the future.

This makes Fontana Gruppo a first mover in its sector.

Fontana Gruppo operates worldwide, offering fastening solutions in many sectors. Its brands are among the leaders in all fields of application and are synonymous with quality, customization, and added value.  For over 65 years, Fontana Gruppo has been committed on a daily basis to the realisation of a business project strongly based on essential principles.

First of all, the search for excellence in regard to products, production, and management processes is made possible thanks to a capacity for innovation and a culture of continuous improvement, which, starting from solid knowhow foundations, leaves room for researching and developing new opportunities.

R&D is at the heart of Fontana Gruppo’s excellence, nourished and built up daily through a constant quest for innovative solutions to customer fastening system needs. Technical know-how and industrial ability, together with a global presence both geographically and in the industry, have led to the generation of an extremely large portfolio of products able to satisfy every demand, both in the field of unified products and in that of specific customer needs.

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