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Bauli India Bakes Pvt. Ltd.

Agri & Food Technologies

Pune (Baramati)

In the 2000s, with a vision to highlight their craft beyond Italy and seek fortune in global markets, Bauli went international, expanding its presence in over 70 countries. Since then,

Bauli has been known worldwide for providing high-quality, authentic speciality confections.

In 2009, Bauli entered West Bengal through a joint venture, announcing their arrival in India. It started with the production of ready-to-eat croissants. After receiving an overwhelming response

from the East Market, Bauli expanded the distribution to other parts of the country with an entire range of soft, fine croissants and other new product developments like swirls, cakes, and more.

Pursuit of excellence being its guiding principle, Bauli Bakes

and Sweets is committed to creating top-quality products globally. 

The state-of-the-art plant in Baramati is spread around 25 acres of land which has the capacity to produce 20,000 Moonfils per hour.

The current product portfolio in India includes products like Moonfils, Savoriz, Finger Cake, Mava Cake, Choco Cake, Spyrolls, and Sandwich Cakes. Bauli India is looking to expand its footprint in India by increasing distribution across channels and introducing new products, formats, and flavours specifically designed for the Indian consumer.

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